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3 No-Brainer Soccer Betting Options For Longstanding Fans And Newbies Alike

3 No-Brainer Soccer Betting Options For Longstanding Fans And Newbies Alike

Many historians suggest that soccer originated sometime around 2500 B.C. During this time period, it’s believed that the Chinese, Egyptians And Greeks all participated in games which consisted of using the foot to move a ball. Some of these games also consisted of using a stick or hands to move a ball. In today’s world, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and has more than 3 million fans. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising that soccer sports betting on sites such as em 2021 betting is one of the most popular kinds of sports betting people partake in. Today, we take a closer look at 3 no-brainer soccer bets to consider regardless if you’re a long-time fan of soccer or a newbie that just got interested in this kind of sport.


1) Straight Up Betting

Straight up betting is fairly straightforward. It’s also the most common soccer betting option that people tend to lean towards. Also referred to as the game-winner bet or moneyline bet, all you have to do to make a wager is to choose a team which you think will win an upcoming match. If your selected team wins, regardless of how many goals they scored or how the match ended, you’ll earn some cash.


2) The Draw No Bet

The draw no bet option is regarded as being a very safe option for newcomers and veterans alike. In most sports games, if the match ends in a draw and you didn’t specifically bet on it ending in a draw, you’ll lose for money. But, with no draw betting, you get to pick a team that you think will win and if the team wins the match, you’ll earn cash. However, if the match ends in a draw, your wager will be refunded to you.


3) Double Chance

Statistically speaking, a significant amount of soccer matches end in a draw. Double chance betting was created to capitalize on this fact. When you take a closer look into how a soccer match ends, you realize that there are only 1 of 3 possible outcomes. The outcomes go as follows:

  • Team Blue Win or Draw
  • Team Red Win or Draw
  • Team Red or Team Blue Wins


With double chance betting, you get to bet on 2 out of 3, of the aforementioned outcomes. Many expert bettors have proclaimed that your chances of winning a double chance wager is higher than winning a straight up bet. As a result of this fact however, payouts tend to be lower than straight up betting.