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Online Gambling Indonesia – why is it so popular?

Online Gambling Indonesia – why is it so popular?

Why Is Online Gambling So Popular In Indonesia?

Gambling has been part of the Indonesian culture. Whether it is friendly games at home with family and friends, or out at the underground casinos, or at the cockfights, gambling has been a long part of the way of life in Indonesia. Now, though, with the introduction of online gambling opportunities, it is more popular than ever, but why?


The world’s largest Muslim population is in Indonesia. Islamic law forbids gambling, and because of this, Indonesia has some of the strictest laws when it comes to gambling. If caught, citizens can be subject to harsh penalties, including fines and jail time.

Though the laws have not stopped amount of gambling that occurs in the country. Whether it is because it is a forbidden that makes it so attractive, it is hard to tell. People continue to gamble, even knowing the consequences. Indonesia has one of the highest gambling rates. What is even more interesting is that a few Indonesian companies own some of the most popular online casinos.

Its Big Business

It is hard to ignore that online gambling is big business. Companies and even some governments make a lot of money from their online casinos. A lot of rich people make a great deal of money from online gambling in Indonesia. To keep the money flowing, they need people to gamble. It is in their best interest to get people to take part in online gambling.

Easy Access

Thanks to illegal private clubs and online games such as slot online, it is now easier for Indonesians to enjoy gambling. Online games allow for people to enjoy their favorite games secretly from the comfortable of their own home. The government tries to block as many of the online casinos as they can. However, thanks to modern technology and the fact that now VPNs are easy to gain, citizens can enjoy their gambling without the worry of being blocked or getting into trouble. This has helped to continue the popularity of gambling.

The future

Will the government ever ease the restrictions they have placed on gambling? Probably not. Though they may be less restrictive when they realize how much money that they could make for their country. Regardless of what the government does, they will not be able to stop people from gambling online. Gambling is a popular way to spend time in Indonesia, even though it is illegal. Online gambling continues to grow in popularity, and as more online opportunities continue to become available, the more people are going to enjoy it. Online gambling is not going to come to an end, instead it is going to continue to grow in popularity.